Fun IP makes intellectual property learning easy and enjoyable. It is a book meant for any person looking to learn intellectual property fundamentals with the help of interesting examples and case studies. It covers complicated subjects such as copyrights, patents, trade marks, trade secrets and designs in simple language and illustrations. Other forms of IP such as Geographical Indications, Plant Varieties, Traditional Knowledge and so on are also adequately addressed in the book. In addition to basic concepts, the book weaves together business practices, recent trends and strategies. Creative commons and open source related strategies are also addressed in the book.

The book gives an insight into various facets of IP by converging the interests of creators, businesses, government and the common man. Starting with an introduction to the IP system, the book deals with specific species of IP individually. After giving an overview of the basic concepts, it expounds various contemporary issues and debates around the concepts. In summary, the book narrates the IP story by weaving together background information, concepts, cases, experiences and public perceptions. The story is told by a leading Intellectual Property Expert through the eyes of a common man.